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Work Experience


Careers Guidance

Research from the government, employers and from

young people demonstrates the increasing

significance of post 16 work experience. Work

experience is designed to bridge the gap between

education and employment. It can help young

people become aware of careers they have not

previously thought of, help inform future choices,

enable young people to develop the relevant

occupational skills, impress local employers and

develop an appreciation of the attitudes and

behaviours expected at work.

If you attended Ecclesbourne in Year 10 then you

will have previously undertaken work experience.

However, Sixth Form Work Experience has a slightly

different focus. Each student should aim to secure a

work experience placement which relates to their

ideal career path or academic strengths or interests.

Each student is eligible for support from The

Careers Department, however, there is greater onus

on the student to find their own placement. The

Derbyshire County Council’s work experience

database is a good starting point. Please be aware

that if a new placement is found by the student then

it will take a minimum of eight weeks for the

placement to be Health and Safety checked by the

council and put on the database.

In addition to our work experience programme, the

school offers high quality, impartial careers

guidance to ensure that learners follow study

programmes that build on their prior attainment and

enable them to develop clear, ambitious and

realistic plans for their future. Appointments can be

made with the careers advisor through your sixth

form tutor.

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