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in our Sixth Form

Ecclesbourne School Sixth Form Centre.

In the dedicated Sixth Form Centre you will find: the Sixth Form Office, a large,

informal study space, a silent work room, a computer room and a deli

specialising in a range of healthy meal and snack options. Sixth Form students

also have a designated supervised silent study area. Most lessons take place in

the main body of the school with the Sixth Form Centre reserved for private

study and some formal events such as assemblies. Naturally, the Sixth Form

Centre is the one area of school where sixth former privilege is most apparent.

In the Sixth Form Centre, regulations, especially with respect to uniform, are

more relaxed. In the Sixth Form Centre only, students may loosen ties, wear

cardigans without jackets and use their mobile phones. Full uniform is

expected for formal events held in the Sixth Form Centre such as assemblies.

This reflects the real responsibility that we have in ensuring that Sixth Form

forms a bridge between school and the adult world.

Sixth Form Support

The Sixth Form Office team comprises of a Head of Sixth Form, a Head of Year

12, a Head of Year 13 and a Sixth Form Progress Leader. There are also 18

Sixth Form tutors, all of whom are experienced in post 16 education. You will

see your tutor every day and these will be the people who write your reference

for you in Year 13. In addition, you will also have access to independent advice

from the careers office.

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