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from our Coheads

The Ecclesbourne School |

Sixth Form Prospectus


The Ecclesbourne School Sixth Form not

only provides fantas:c educa:on but it

goes the extra mile and offers exci:ng

enrichment and extra-­‐curricular

opportuni:es for all students. These

roles are incredibly fun and rewarding,

but it helps you develop important skills

and quali:es needed in the wider world.

Work experience week allows you to

experience an industry or profession

that interests you. This is excep:onally

helpful as it guides you towards your

poten:al career path.

The Ecclesbourne School Sixth Form is a

truly enjoyable experience. You can rely

on uncondi:onal support from members

of staff who will help you reach your

targets and encourage you to be the

best you can be. You will make new

friends, broaden your knowledge and

create memories that will last forever.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it

would be to live in the moment and

enjoy every minute. Take every

opportunity you are given and have fun!

Sixth Form promises to be the best years

of your life.

Eliza Ryan, Head Girl

Sixth Form life will differ from your current experience in

some key areas; the way you’re treated and the way you


In Sixth Form you’re no longer just a student. In return for

new freedoms you will hold roles of responsibility ranging

from Prefect to Co-­‐Head. These are fantas:c opportuni:es

to develop confidence, teamwork and leadership.

The learning style is also different, bridging the divide

between school, university and employment. You will also

gain greater control over the way you learn; in lessons,

study periods and coursework.

Over the next two years you will decide on your future

career. Career fairs, open days, lectures, work experience

and PDC :me will advise and set you up so that when the

star:ng gun is fired, you’ll already be ahead.

Aside from this, you'll make new friends, experience new

opportuni:es and develop new skills. In short, you'll have a

fantas:c :me!

Joseph McDermoW, Head Boy

Our five Coheads are elected following consulta6on with

our tutors, subject staff and our Sixth Form students. They

represent our school at key events and are an important

link between the student body and our teaching staf