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Where can Economics take me?

Alongside other A Levels, economics can take you on to various degree courses. You could also enter

apprenticeships such as those in banking, retailing or accountancy. Almost half of all economics graduates end

up in careers in finance or business. Banks recruit many economists, as do the civil service and insurance firms.


A level Edexcel Specification B.

Contact: Mrs K Taylor

What do our students say?

“Economics improves your employability as it

gives you skills employers find desirable”


Course Overview

The AS examination consists of 2 themes and 2 external examinations whilst Advanced GCE in economics B is structured

into four themes and consists of 3 externally examined papers. Students are introduced to economics through building

knowledge of core microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts, and by investigating economic theory through real-

world businesses and the environments in which they operate. Breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding with

applications to more complex concepts and models are developed in the second year of study. Students will need to

apply their knowledge and understanding to both familiar and unfamiliar contexts in the assessment and demonstrate

and awareness of current economic events and policies.

Example of topics in themes:

Theme 1: Markets, consumers and firms.

Scarcity, choice and potential conflicts. Enterprise, business and the economy. Introducing the market.

Theme 2: The wider economic environment.

Firms, consumers and elasticities of demand. The economic cycle. Introduction to macroeconomic policy.

Theme 3: The global economy.

Globalisation. Economic factors in business expansion. Impact of globalisation on global companies.

Theme 4: Making markets work.

Market failure across the economy. Macroeconomic policies and impact on firms and individuals.

A Level


% of course

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

2 hour exam

2 hour exam

2 hour exam




General Entry Requirements +

GCSE English 5 +

GCSE Maths 5