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Where can Drama and Theatre Studies take me?

Having completed the A-­‐Level course, some students go on to study Drama, Theatre Studies or Performance at degree level at university or

Drama School. Due to the focus on text analysis, some students use the A-­‐Level course to support further study in English. The course builds

confidence, communica3on and presenta3on skills that are transferable. These skills are appreciated and valued by employers in a wide

range of industries, not just in the field of Crea3ve Arts.

Drama & Theatre

A LEVEL / EDEXCEL Contact: Mr D Partridge

What do our students say?

"Drama is a great way to express my crea2vity

and thoughts on the world through the art of

performance. It's a brilliant way to boost your

confidence, and a fantas2c way to develop your

teamwork skills! We all need a crea2ve outlet,

and taking drama as an A level has provided me

with that opportunity.”


Course Overview

This exci3ng specifica3on looks at all aspects of theatre making. By the end of the course you will have strengthened your ability to recognise and

understand the interrela3onship between performer, designer and director. You will have been provided with the opportunity to explore performance

texts and you will have been encouraged to conceptually develop your own interpreta3on of how script might be realised in performance through the

process of rehearsal. You will be able to reflect on the work of playwrights from a social, historical and cultural perspec3ve. As an actor you will con3nue

to strengthen your performance skill base, par3cipa3ng in public performances of devised and scripted drama. The course will equip you with the skills

to develop your crea3vity and independence to become an effec3ve theatre maker.

Throughout the course you will par3cipate in teacher facilitated prac3cal workshops, independent rehearsal and class explora3ons of set-­‐texts. The

course has three components:

Component one: Devising

You will devise an original piece of performance based on a chosen text. Your performance must be in the style of a selected prac33oner. You will

produce a wriSen por_olio, reflec3ng on the devising process. This will be marked by your teacher.


omponent two: Text in performance

You will par3cipate in a group performance of a published text. You will perform a monologue or duologue from a different text. This will be marked by

a visi3ng examiner.

Component three: Theatre Makers in Prac3ce

You will sit a wriSen exam. In the exam you will analyse and evaluate a live performance that you have seen. You will answer design and performance

ques3ons on a set text that you have studied. You will outline your produc3on concept for an addi3onal set text that you have studied, referencing the

influence of a prac33oner. This will be marked by an examiner.

A Level


% of course

Component 1 - Devising

Component 2 - Text in Performance

Component 3 - Theatre Makers in Practice



Written examination




General Entry Requirements +

English 5, Grade 6 desirable