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Where can A level Fashion & Textiles take me?

Like any other A level subject, D&T Fashion & Textiles can be used as a credible A level for any degree course of

your choosing. In particular, it can take you into any of the creative industries. It can be combined with English,

for journalism, Drama for theatre costume design, Art for any creative degree, History for costume perspectives,

Science for the ever expanding range of Textile Science degrees, and more besides. Learning skills in making

products can benefit you at university. You can make and sell items through Etsy, or Amazon handmade and

others to earn money whilst you study.

Design: Fashion & Textiles



Mrs S Swan

or Miss Wint

What do our students say?

“Textiles provides a nice change from

other subjects because of the practical

and creative elements and, along with the

enthusiasm of the teachers, Textiles

becomes very enjoyable.”

Course Overview

This design course specialises in the use of fabric to design and make products.

The course covers many areas such as designing and making, business and manufacturing, project

management and data analysis, latest technologies, applied science and maths, CAD/CAM, and theoretical


This course is flexible for university entry for many degrees in a very wide variety of subjects as the skills taught

across the A Level are transferable and highly in demand, silks such as project management, creative thinking

and critical analysis are all skills valued highly by employers. It is also desirable for anyone wanting a career

with an arts, in fashion, buying, design, trend forecasting and analysis and many more. It also provides a good

route to foundation and degree courses.

Excellent support and guidance is on hand. The course is 50% non-exam assessment and 50% written exam.

General Entry Requirements +

GCSE Textiles Grade 4 desirable


A Level


% of course

Paper 1 - Technical principles

Paper 2 -

Design & making principles

Non-exam assessment

2.5 hour written exam

1.5 hour written exam

Substantial design & make project