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Where can business take me?

An A level in business can lead to a wide range of op3ons post 18. Many students choose to study for a degree in business and can choose a

course which will allow them to specialise in an area of business that they most enjoy, such as finance or marke3ng. Many degrees now

combine business with a modern foreign language which would give an opportunity to study overseas. It’s a great founda3on for a higher

level appren3ceship in accoun3ng and finance or project management. Also provides a general feel and understanding of the commercial




Contact: Mrs K Taylor

What do our students say?

“Business is relevant to the real world,

easily applicable to every type of

organisation. It also shapes you as a person

to become a more independent learner.”

“It gives you transferrable skills for the



What will I learn?

• In Theme 1 you will learn about dynamic markets, social media and online retailing, innovation and entrepreneurship

• Theme 2 introduces you to business finance, the impact of economic uncertainty on businesses and the competitive


• In Theme 3 you will be moving from functions to strategy, exploring business decision-making, small business survival,

managing change and scenario planning

• Theme 4 explores global business, investigating overseas markets, cultural and social differences and the impact of


Is business for me? Yes, if you enjoy:

• Communicating and explaining ideas

• Exploring and presenting alternative courses of action

• Thinking strategically and making decisions

• Working with numbers to solve business problems

• Keeping up to date with national and international business news

• Learning about the world of business through research and investigation

A Level


% of course

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

2 hour exam

2 hour exam

2 hour exam




General Entry Requirements