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The Upper School Office Team would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Upper

School. We will work closely with you over the next two years to ensure their academic and pastoral needs

are met during Years 10 and 11. We have high expectations and foster a strong work ethic right from the

start enabling students to reach their potential in their GCSE subjects and we are proud of our record of

academic success. Students are encouraged to embrace all areas of school life whilst learning how to

be responsible young adults who set an example to our Lower School students. Students’ progress is

carefully monitored within a highly supportive pastoral system where each student is known as an individual.

Progress is reported to Parents/Carers at least three times a year through reports and Parent’s Evenings,

however, you may contact a member of the Upper School Office team at any point during the year if you

require any additional information.

The options process is the first part of the transition from Lower School to Upper School and plays a major

role in determining their academic pathways now and for the future. Therefore, our care, guidance and high

quality advice on course choice and progression is of the upmost importance during this time. The launch of

the process will be for parents on the 14th January and for students on the 15th January where there is an

opportunity to meet Upper School staff and have your individual questions answered.

In the coming weeks students will be supported by a team of tutors and pastoral leaders in Lower School

and Upper School Offices as they make their GCSE option choices. This booklet is the starting point for

students, parents and carers as they begin a series of guidance interviews to help them make the best set of

choices. All students will continue to study a Core CurriculumcomprisingGCSEs in English Language, English

Literature, Mathematics, at least two Sciences and core (non-examined) PE, RE and Personal Development

& Citizenship (PDC). The majority of students will also go on to study one of History or Geography and to

take a Modern Language as part of the English Baccalaureate. In addition, students will be able to make

at least two further option choices from the broad pool of GCSE subjects. In the interests of a broad and

balanced curriculum, students are encouraged to consider the range of courses offered in the Arts and

technology suite of subjects.

The guiding principles of our Options process are:

• To provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong academic core within the

statutory guidelines;

• To ensure that everyone has access to all the curriculum areas;

• To meet the learning needs of individuals;

• To provide suitable vocational choices;

• High expectations and achievement for all;

• Practical and vocational options for those who will benefit from them;

• Clear and unambiguous communication with students and parents;

• Students equipped to meet the future expectations of employers.

The course descriptions in this booklet are as accurate as possible however minor changes are always

possible as nothing seems to be fixed for long in the educational world!

Introduction to Options