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How do you choose your options?

There are two routes students can follow Route A - The English Baccalaureate and Route B. It is anticipated

that the majority of our students will follow Route A.

All students undertaking Triple Science will undertake Route A. Those students that wish to recieve the

English Baccalaureate must choose a language and either Geography or History as part of Route B.

Points to note for students

• Don’t choose a course because your friend has. Their interests and abilities are different

to yours.

• Choose a subject not a teacher. There is no guarantee of which teacher will take a particular

course or group.

• All subjects are of equal value to boys and girls, given the appropriate ability and interest.

So don’t fall for the mistaken belief, “It’s a girls’ subject” or “Only boys do that”. It isn’t true.

• 95% of the time students get all their original choices but we cannot guarantee every

choice. Don’t panic if you turn out to be one of the 5%, it will probably only affect one

subject and there are lots of choices that could be the right ones for you.

• We do not guarantee that every subject will run. If few people choose a subject then we

may not be able to afford to run it.

• Get all the advice you can from your parents, teachers and tutors. First ideas often turn out

to be best but don’t close your ears to advice and refuse to consider other possibilities.

Don’t take decisions lightly as you will have to take the courses.

• Don’t panic, but it is your responsibility to find out as much as possible and to seek out any

additional help if that proves to be necessary.

• You can get impartial careers advice throughout the week from Mrs Green, Mrs Parker and

from Ellie Lee on a Thursday. You can make an appointment to see the Careers Team in

the careers office in F Block.

For Parents & Carers

• Subject teachers and Heads of Subject will provide course information to students.

• By the time you read the booklet your son or daughter will already have begun to consider

possible options with their form tutor.

• They will have an interview with their Form Tutor and a second with either their Head of

Year or another member of the Lower School or Upper School Office Guidance teams.

Please treat the options choice form as a working document between us and a means of


• We cannot guarantee choices but we will do our best depending on demand. Some

courses may not run.

• When you are satisfied that your son or daughter has thought things through and as a

family you are in agreement, please sign the choice form and return it to the Form Tutor


Monday, 29th January

at the latest. The choice form may well pass back and forth

between us as each student goes through the interview process.

Information about Options