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Course Aims

French lessons at Ecclesbourne are highly interactive

and students will be given the opportunity to develop

the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing

building an awareness of grammar and encouraging

students to manipulate language and express

themselves with increasing confidence. We always

aim to inspire a love of languages and appreciation

for different cultures broadening students’ horizons,

educating them to be globally aware and encouraging

them to become culturally sensitive.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Paris trip.

Course Content

Year Course Content


In Year 7, students will learn phonics and sounds, countries, nationalities and languages, numbers,

days and dates survival kit through the topic of ‘Greetings and Introductions’. Students will learn

appearance and personality, through the topic of ‘Family and Pets’. Students will learn how to

express opinions through ‘School Life’. Students will learn how to express the use of technology

through ‘Weekend Activities’, and how to use the verb ALLER through ‘My Town’.


In Year 8, students will learn the present tense through the topic ‘Hobbies and Free Time’.

Students will learn reflexive verbs wilst learning about ‘Daily Routines’. Students will learn to talk

about ‘Food, Drink and Healthy Living’ before studying the perfect tense by studying the topics

‘Weekend Activities in the Past’ and ‘Secret Agents’.


In Year 9, students will continue studying the perfect tense though the topic ‘Holidays’. Students will

begin to study the imperfect tense through ‘School Life’, before learning about ‘The Environment’

and the conditional tense. ‘My Town and Local Area’ will support students in learning about the

future tense. Those studing GCSE French will be given an introduction to KS4 French.