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As Parent/Carer, I will:

• Support my child’s learning in its widest sense and in line with the stated aims, policies and

procedures of the School.

• Ensure that my child attends punctually and regularly and any absence is accompanied by a note

explaining the nature and length of absence on return to School.

• Avoid taking my child out of school during term time.

• Ensure my child adheres to guidelines for behaviour, school dress and equipment.

• Support my child in homework and other opportunities for learning out of School.

• Encourage my child to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

• Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.

• Ensure that all school documents are returned promptly and inform the School of any problems

that might affect my child’s work or conduct.

• Become involved in the life of the school and help improve it, if possible.

The School will:

• Offer support and care for your child’s welfare and happiness throughout your child’s time at the

School, ensuring their safety and wellbeing in all respects. This includes a strong commitment not

to tolerate bullying of any kind.

• Offer opportunities for your child to become a confident and valued member of our community.

• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a high standard of teaching and the expectation

that all students should achieve results in line with their abilities.

• Sustain high expectations for punctuality, attendance, work and conduct with continuing Form

Tutor support and guidance.

• Set, assess and moderate homework regularly.

• Provide opportunities for teachers to comment on and discuss your child’s progress.

• Inform you of any serious concerns which affect your child’s work or conduct.

• Advise on ways of supporting your child’s progress and provide assistance from the Enhanced

Learning Faculty, should your child require additional support.

• Offer opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, including lunchtime

clubs, after-school activities and educational visits.

Investigate any complaints thoroughly and fairly.