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Course Aims

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 study Art for one

hour each week. The aim of our art programme

is to refine skills, introduce new techniques and

encourage students to creatively respond to the

world around them. The units of study run for a term

and a half in Years 7 - 8 and a term during Year 9.

They allow students to gain experience in painting,

printmaking, ICT, design and ceramics as well as

three-dimensional construction.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Access to the department during lunchtime; Year 9

gallery visits; Year 9 artist in residence.

Course Content

Year Course Content


During Year 7, students will undertake a Portraiture Project where they will be introduced to the

visual elements; develop their knowledge and understanding of portraiture and proportion; cover

simple colour theory; experiment with different media; learn about artists, designers and craft

workers. In the Natural Forms Project students will produce a project that explores the visual

properties and characteristics of a variety of different natural forms through drawing, painting

and collage; research other artists work; develop an understanding of different techniques used

in ceramics.


During Year 8, students will undertake a Sculpture / 3D Construction Project where they will

explore ideas, materials, techniques and processes for three dimensional constructions which

may take the form of fabric models, mod-roc figures, wire constructions, card sculptures or pipe

cleaner models; refer to the work of a number of sculptors to help provide inspiration for their own

work; use drawing and painting techniques in the development of the ideas. In the Landscape

Project students will study a number of different paintings that depict the theme of landscapes in

varying ways; experiment with different drawing and painting methods before producing their own

landscape picture; develop an understanding of perspective in numerous drawing and painting



In Year 9, students will undertake an the Aerial Perspective Project in which they will develop

drawing and design skills using a variety of different media; research the work of artists such as

Hockney, Thiebaud, Mondrian and Brennand-Wood; create varying images and compositions

for an experimental acrylic canvas painting. In the Multicultural Project students will study work

from non-western cultures and societies and create their own response to the multicultural theme

which might be in the form of clay work, mask making or decorative painting. In the Advanced

Skills Project students will complete a final project that will look at a specific skill or aspect of the

subject. For students wishing to continue their studies at KS4 they will create work linked to a

gallery or sculpture park visit as well as participate in an Artist in Residence event.